Interest Rates

Okay if you’re following the residential real estate market you might be thinking oh gosh is the sky about to fall after all 30-year fixed interest rates on a Residential Mortgage have gone from three and a half percent to begin this year all the way up to around seven percent sometimes even more than seven percent right now that’s double the interest rate it feels like everything should be falling apart and so I thought a little historical context would help here if you look over the past 50 years of residential real estate mortgages it’s a little over seven percent is the average interest rate and so as jarring as this feels because our sensibilities have been used to artificially low interest rates for so long uh we’re actually at a historically average moment in time as it relates to financing home so um as you think about the real estate market as you think about um interest rates and affordability just pause for a second and realize okay this is what a normal healthy Market looks like it just feels so shocking because of where we’re coming from hope that helps um certainly we’re in a time of volatility things may change but today we’re at a historically average moment in the market thanks.