I want a deal” Buyer objection – HANDLED!

foreign   I want to get a good deal on my next   house or I’m not buying one at all have   you heard that one recently you think   we’re going to hear it some more over   the next few months sure we are we’re   going to take three minutes I’m going to   explain to you how to reset your buyer’s   expectations who want a great deal in   today’s market my name is Peter shabri   with realtor level up and let’s go ahead   and unpack unrealistic buyer   expectations around getting a deal in   today’s market what we need to know   first is that 66 of all people are   visual Learners so if we want to   communicate something quickly and   efficiently we want to give them some   visuals what you’re looking at right   here is a visual tool for resetting your   client expectations around what a deal   looks like and deals are had when a   market is over supplied there’s more   Supply than there is demand well the   news is that we’re coming out of the   most undersupplied Market this country   has ever seen now a balanced Market as   you may know is six months worth of   inventory that is to say   um it would take six months for all the   buyers in today’s market to buy all the   inventory if no new inventory was added   we call that the absorption rate well if   six months inventory is a balanced   Market where Supply matches demand   you can see over the course of the last   30 years or so   we went during the Great Recession we   were over supplied into this Market of   the moment in 2021 there was only 2.3   months worth of inventory the most acute   sellers market we’ve ever seen they’re   projecting for 2022 that will finish   with about 2.5 months worth of inventory   well until we go to six months of   inventory it’s still a seller’s market   and so it’s for important for our buyers   to understand despite what the media may   say we are still in an undersupplied   market and yes that will change over the   next 12 months but not as profoundly as   buyers may think and the reason why is   so many sellers refinance and have a two   percent three percent four percent five   percent fixed loan they don’t want to   move because interest rates have gone up   and it’s more expensive to make that   move so showing your clients this visual   may help them understand getting a deal   is not necessarily stealing a house it’s   becoming a homeowner and participating   and all the massive economic long-term   benefits of home ownership now if you   believe that this would be valuable to   you in helping you set your clients   expectations around getting a good deal   go ahead and DM us email or if on   YouTube leave a comment with your email   below and I’ll go ahead and send this   this slide here this information so that   you can use it to inform and educate   your clients on how to get a good deal   what good value looks like in today’s   market thanks for watching